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Career and calling are actually two different things and both are equally important in your life. Did you know that the typical US adult has 5 different careers in his or her lifetime? Not jobs, but careers. A career is the professional work we do for pay that is focused within a certain industry or field. Within a career, we hold different specific jobs, even if we are self-employed. Whereas a calling is the reason you are on this planet – it is the work only you can uniquely do that helps the world in some way. It is a “calling” because it calls to us – we are drawn to the work because it awakens our soul in some profound way. You know you are doing your calling because you can feel it in your heart. I am most happy and grounded when I am doing the work of my calling, which is helping others become their best selves.  A calling does not have to touch a lot of people but it must touch someone or something outside of yourself – a child, a tree, a community, a nation. In this section, we will explore what your calling is, and how you can follow it. Some people are able to heed their calling through their job or career but many more have to find other ways to honor the difference they along were meant to make.

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My all time favorite books on career and calling are the following:

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Career Skills for software and technique training in a variety of areas including social media, video, business, photography, web design, graphic design, and more. I learned how to do this wordpress site at Fantastic service that everyone should utilize! For link, click on logo. Learn it all. Khan Academy for academic skills in math, science, statistics, economics, and more. These videos will help you overcome any fear you have of certain subjects plus he is doing amazing work with improving our schools! Radiant Organizing for great training, materials and coaching on productivity and organizing.


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